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Since our first SPRUCE Course in 2015, feedback from participating students has been important to us because it provides valuable insight into how the Course is meeting the needs and expectations of our students. It can reveal areas which work well, areas that may benefit from improvement and it can help the organisers to make informed decisions about the content and presentation of SPRUCE for students who may attend future courses.

We know that individual students attending SPRUCE may have particular interests which are not specifically covered in the course. There are so many different areas of ‘the Law’ that it would be impossible for us to cover everything from Aviation Law to Zoo Law - and yes, there are laws concerning the operation of zoos! In a 3-day course we can, to an extent only scratch the surface of ‘the Law’, and we have chosen subjects which are likely to be of most importance to most lawyers of the future. But if particular areas are identified we can take those on board and consider whether we might include them in future years.

Please be assured that these forms will be considered by the organisers in confidence and no content will be fed to any other person or organisation unless it would benefit SPRUCE and, even then, only with anonymity for the author of the conent.

Students are requested to download the form either in MS Word or PDF format. After filling the form please send it to ‘’

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